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We specialize in low cost, affordable divorce. Our caring professionals will provide you the best possible legal services.

Paralegal Services

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Our freelance paralegals assist overloaded attorneys in handling many different areas of complex family law litigation.

Notarial Services

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Our certified mobile notaries can travel to you or your business for convenient peace of mind.

Experienced in Family Law

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your marriage is to end it. Although this can be painful, you, your spouse, and your family deserve to live a more peaceful and conflict-free life.

Making the decision to file for divorce or seek assistance after you have been served with a petition for divorce can be complicated--and costly. Family law attorneys often charge $350-$450 per hour and require a substantial retainer, which can end up costing upwards of $60,000 per spouse.

At OC Best Divorce, our paralegals and Legal Document Assistants listen and understand our clients. Our paralegals have the educational background and years of working experience with family law firms. We can assist you with divorce services and complex family law litigation at a fraction of the price of a family law attorney. We are not form-fillers. We understand the dissolution process and tailor our work to your requests and needs.

We take the hassle out of the process, giving you peace of mind that your problem will be resolved in an efficient and professional manner. We are experts at completing contested and uncontested divorce for a very affordable price.

If required, we can connect you to excellent attorneys with reduced rate for counsel and court appearance(s).

Benefits of Working with OC Best Divorce

  • We can provide you with quality divorce services at a fraction of the cost of a traditional attorney.
  • Our focus on divorce and complex family law litigation allows us to offer you our undivided attention and exceptional service.
  • If your case is brought to court, we offer in-house counsel at a discounted rate.


I am very glad that I found Nicole for my divorce. She is very helpful and supportive. She makes me feel that I knew her for a long time. I saved a lot of money.

Margarita Escobedo

I would highly recommend Nicole because she is very knowledgable about the divorce process, and she is very experienced in this field and knows all the documents needed in the process. She saves people a lot of money for the same work done by a family law attorney. Nicole helps you to hire the right lawyer to represent and defend you when that is needed and she saves you a lot of money for the hourly rate you would pay a lawyer.

Saeid J

Thank you very much for working with me and for your compassion! Had I never found you I would probably have next to no time with my children. I will send you every referral I can going forward! Thank you so much!!

Alex Keaton

I can't say enough about the competency and thoroughness of Nicole Nabavi. I worked with Nicole during my divorce and without question her efforts were the difference between success and failure. Not only is she proficient and knowledgeable with legal procedures but she also has the element of compassion which is often neglected in these situations. I will always be grateful for all the help legally and personally that she so professionally provided.

Lynn Gygli

Thank you for your assistance with my projects. Your attention to details was impeccable. Your knowledge of the legal codes, including the family code and rules of court was impressive. As a busy attorney on my own, your contract paralegal work helped me attain more business and increase my bottom line. I will continue to use you in the future.

Candice Madanipour Esq.

I wanted to thank you for your help. I really appreciate how you made my divorce so smooth and simple. Originally I thought I would have to pay a small fortune to lawyers to complete my divorce. You were very efficient and caring and I am very glad I found your services. I will recommend you to my friends.

Kianoosh Z

I am so happy I found Nicole. She has saved me. I had a bill of $14000.00 after eight months with my attorney, with no end in sight. I was broke and had to fire my attorney and represent myself. I used Nicole to write my briefs and other forms and required pleadings for my MSC and trial. She has been an angel in my life. Nicole knows everything about my case and actually cares about me and my family. She has saved me so much money. I would advise anyone going through a divorce to call Nicole.

Stacy Lauter

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