Specialized in family law

Our experienced paralegals and licensed legal document assistants will assist you in completing a legal separation, divorce and/or paternity for a fraction of the cost of an attorney. While we routinely prepare documents for an uncontested divorce, We are specialized in Low Cost, Affordable Divorce. We are caring, committed professionals that are dedicated in providing you with the best possible legal documents services. Additionally, if you are unhappy with your current order, we may be able to help you with modification of the order and reach a more favorable outcome. We can provide you with the results you are looking for without the high cost of a Lawyer. We want to minimize conflict, process your paper work and get the job done at an affordable price.

Legal separation
Spousal support
Child support
Child custody and visition
Settlement Agreement

Petition and response
Motions and modifications
Domestic violence
Post judgement
Low-cost family law


If required, we can connect you to excellent attorneys with reduced rate for court appearance(s).

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